Excavation Series #15-16

Excavation Series 16
Persona Rips
(Digital mixtape compiled by Kevin Cahill)
..experimental film, poems, theatre & live collage ripped from YT..

Excavation Series 15
Guinean Orchestras 1967-1968
(Digital mixtape compiled by Ryan Waldron)
..late 60s rock-roll from Guinea, West Africa….

Excavation Series #13-14

Excavation Series 14
Kalinga Utkal
(Experimental Documentary Film by Pablo Picco)
..musical soundtrack/feature film/bonus footage..

Excavation Series 13
Engelika and Others: Music from Films of Music
(documentary film music mixtape by Jake Webster/Tuluum Shimmering)
..field recording/documentary film/ethnomusicology study..

Excavation Series #11-12

Excavation Series 12
Underground Violin Pan​-​African Fiddle Mix
(Mixtape compiled by Adam Cadell)
..african violin live performance and youtube rips..

Excavation Series 11
Noise May Provoke Hornet Attacks
(field recording and 78rpm mixtape by Robert Millis)
..sri lanka & india field recording and 78rpm collection..

Excavation Series #9-10

Excavation Series 10
Central Javanese Gamelan
(Jacques Brunet 70s recordings compiled by Ian Nagoski)
..out of print javanese gamelan recordings..


Excavation Series 9
AIR Tapes 2: Kirana Gharana
(taped broadcast by Phong Tran)
..personal sourced/taped all india radio recordings..

Excavation Series #7-8

Excavation Series 8
A Day of Sun is Like a Radio to Me
(Mixtape compiled by John Thayer)
..thailand, cambodia field recordings and dug collage..

Excavation Series 7
(Mixtape compiled by Kevin Cahill)
..youtube/vimeo/internet archive collage..

Excavation Series #5-6

Excavation Series 6
Maghreb Sharit Mix No 4 – Gimbri Special
(Mixtape compiled by Natalia Beylis and Willie Stewart)
..personal tape collection moroccan gimbri..

Excavation Series 5
AIR Tapes 1
(Mixtape compiled by Phong Tran)
..personal sourced/taped all india radio recordings..

Excavation Series #3-4

Excavation Series 4
Watching a Cow and Swatting at Silk Pushers
(Field Recordings recorded/compiled by Bruce Miller)
..random transmissions from india, uganda, senegal, and elsewhere..

Excavation Series 3
Any Pointing Flower
(Mixtape compiled by Kevin Cahill)
..indigenous australian folk..

Excavation Series #1-2

Excavation Series 2
Le Ville Cut Out
(Mixtape compiled by Ryan Waldron)
..west african rock and folk..

Excavation Series 1
Drifting on a Reed or Two
(Mixtape compiled by Phong Tran)
..indic folk and ‘light’ indian classical forms..